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Welcome to my website. I hope you will like the new look and the different approach. Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries about Chinese Brush Painting. As you can see, I have my paintings on sale as well as books and my DVD. I also sell Chinese Brush painting materials so please let me know if you require anything or advice on what you should purchase, especially if you are new to this wonderful art form. I have also listed the courses I am running this year so hopefully I will get to meet you at one of these.

Latest News

Lockdown with a Chinese Brush:

During these extraordinary times I thought I would share with you my paintings during lockdown. They are mainly flowers as I am lucky enough to have a garden which provided my inspiration.

Lockdown began in Spring and my 'Prunus Autumnalis' was in full swing. Inevitably it was windy, hence the petals blowing around.

Prunus Autumnalis

Then a neighbour dropped in some of her camelias for me. I put them in a bowl and painted a quick sketch.


I had been given some tulip bulbs in the autumn and these painted on silk are 'Angelique;. Definitely the star of the show. One painted more life like but I rather like painting an enlarged flower head.


Next came the magnolias - certainly all the flowers this year have bloomed their hearts out! The pigeon is added because I was given a bird feeding station for Christmas in the hope of seeing some little birds. Althought there have been one or two sparrows and bluetits, the most loyal visitors are the pigeons and I have to say, I have developed a soft spot for them. They waddle in for a drink then pick up what food they can reach!

Magnolia with pigeon

My climbing rose 'City of York' has been spectacular this year. It gow along the fence and was like a brides veil.

'City of York' climbing rose

The red rose is called 'Guinea' and has a wonderful perfume.

'Guinea' rose

Next came the iris and poppies. Need I say more except the bees just love the poppies.



To keep my students going I devised a lesson on fish and I have included a couple of the compositions.


Last but not least - a change from flowers inspired from my photos I took on a safari holiday. I feel it sums up lockdown (well, certainly mine) so I have given it the title "Where are all my mates?". Of course, it also highlights the sad demise of these beautiful creatures.

Where are all my mates

Yellow Edge Gallery - Summer Exhibition SMiLE

I have some of my paintings on display at the Yellow Edge Gallery from the 5th August to 13th September. It would be lovely if you would be able to visit as there are many artists being exhibited during this time. I have eight paintings on display for purchase as well as cards.

Yellow Edge Gallery

Hampshire Open Studios 22nd - 31st August 2020

I will be taking part in the Hampshire 'Open Studios' which is an annual art trail where normally the visiting public can meet artists in their homes, studios and galleries free of charge. However, because of the current COVID situation there have been some changes on how Hampshire Open Studios will be taking place. Artists are still working and there are over 100 local studios with digital listings instead - read information here about how to enjoy your 'visit' during HOS 22nd-31st August or find out more about their work.

Chinese Art will be available painted on silk and various paper in different styles and it will range from full framed paintings to silk fans and cards.

Hampshire Open StudioHampshire Open Studio Hampshire Open Studio

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