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Learn Chinese painting

Maggie Cross will help you learn Chinese painting through her books, courses and DVD. If you are not sure what you may need, then please do not hesitate to contact Maggie as she will be more than happy to advise you. You may even decide you would like to attend one of her courses to either start you off or to improve your technique.

Private Tuition

Maggie can provide private tuition at her home in Gosport. Enjoy the luxury of one-to-one tuition on subjects of your choice at your own pace. Alternatively Maggie can travel to your home (additional charge is applied) within a radius of 40 miles of Gosport, Hampshire. Please click here to send an email. Maggie will reply as soon as she can.

Books on Chinese Brush painting

A beginners' guide to Chinese Painting

Book I

This 24 page black and white booklet serves as an introduction into the ancient skills of Chinese Painting. It explains the materials - known as the 4 treasures, the techniques and covers painting the 4 gentlemen - plum blossom, orchid, chrysanthemum and bamboo. It also includes some basic calligraphy and mounting techniques.

Price £2.50 + p&p

Comments about this book:

'excellent first book for beginners'

An introduction to Colour

Book I

40 pages with full colour illustrations, this book begins with a more detailed explanation of the materials followed by step by step instructions on how to paint compositions of flowers, birds and animals. Also included are ideas for washes and greetings cards.

Comments about this book:

'I have been pleased with every purchase from Maggie Cross and this has been a great teacher, I am very new to this form of art and it is always on my table'

Price £5.50 + p&p

The Art of Chinese Brush Painting (signed copy)

Book II

Maggie's third and comprehensive book covering all aspects of Chinese Brush Painting from its history and symbolism to the tools and papers used. Maggie also covers all the subjects you will find in Chinese Brush paintings.

Some comments about Maggie's latest book:

'Loved the book. Just starting this type of painting. As well as good clear instruction, there is relevant history. Exceptional book.'

'This is the best book on Chinese brush painting I have bought so far. It is very versatile and gives loads of ideas of what to paint and more importantly how to paint it in the Chinese style.'

'Well written and informative, one of the best books I have read on Chinese brush painting, well worth buying the DVD by Maggie Cross as well.'

Price £15.50 + p&p

DVD on Chinese Brush Painting

Beginners Guide to Chinese Painting

Book II

Maggie's video has now been converted onto DVD. It complements Books I and II. The DVD is just over an hour long and after a small introduction to Chinese brush painting Maggie demonstrates, with a full commentary, how to paint the Chinese orchid, plum blossom with birds (and a little bamboo), the fushcia and wisteria. Maggie also paints her signature poppy for people to watch.

Price £10.00 + p&p

Starter Kit

Maggie's has put together a 'Starter Kit' for those of you whose wish to have a go. It consists of Maggie's Book One, an inkstick and ink stone or liquid ink, 10 sheets of grass paper, a sheet of xuan and two brushes. This is available from Maggie for either 23 (liquid ink) or 27.50 (inkstick and inkstone) - the price includes postage and packaging.

Materials for sale

Maggie also sells Chinese brush painting materials. Please click here for her price list. Please use the link below if you have any queries with regards to Chinese Brush Painting or would like to order stock or any of Maggie's books etc.

If you would like to order any of the above or any materials, please click here to send an email. Maggie will reply as soon as she can.

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