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About Maggie Cross

Maggie Cross went out to Hong Kong at an early age and lived in the New Territories district. Her early years education was at a Chinese school where she learnt to speak the Cantonese dialect and to write Chinese characters which she later developed into painting. She has now been teaching chinese art for many years and regularly returns to China to update her knowledge. She gives talks and demonstrations to groups and also exhibits her work. She is also a member of the Chinese Brush Painters' Society.

Chinese Painting is an ancient and fascinating art. It has developed from the calligraphy which is an art form in its own right. The technique is to hold the brush in a particular way and using different pressures create strokes which become flowers, birds, animals and landscapes. Traditional Chinese painting has a simplicity which appeals to many people. Symbolism plays a large part in the art. Beware - it can be highly addictive!

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